Improvised direct torque control of a permanent magnet synchronous motor

Berhanu Deggefa Lemma, Srinivasan Pradabane, Tole Sutikno


Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is widely used in different applications because of their different key operation features. But despite having important key features, PMSM suffers from torque ripple when simple control techniques like direct torque control (DTC) are employed. Several approaches have been raised by many researchers to lessen the ripple when DTC is used for controlling the PMSM drive. In this work, duty ratio-optimized DTC control, which has the same simplicity as conventional DTC (CDTC), and delay compensation for input signal prediction are proposed. In the proposed system, to determine the duty ratio, slope manipulation was made by considering the minimization of torque error and forcing the developed torque to be equal to the reference torque at the end of the span. An online slope determination approach was employed to compute the duty ratio. MATLAB 2021b is used for simulation purposes. The dynamics and steady-state performance of the proposed scheme were tested for both variable-load and variable-speed operations. In addition, the harmonic performance and ratio of harmonic power loss to total active power loss of the motor were evaluated. In general, the proposed scheme performs effectively in reducing steady-state ripple and harmonic.


direct torque control; duty ratio; PMSM; slope; switching time; torque ripple

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