Modified proportional integral controller for single ended primary inductance converter

Boris Nikolaevich Abramovich, Denis Anatolevich Ustinov, Wael Joseph Abdallah


The article highlights and optimizes a controller for the single ended primary inductance converter (SEPIC) direct current-direct current (DC-DC) converter. The SEPIC converter adjusts a range of dc input voltages and delivers a constant and stable output voltage. Three different models of the SEPIC converter are presented in order to derive its transfer function. Being a 4th order, an approximation method for the reduction of this transfer function to 2nd and 1st order is implemented. Two methods for controlling the converter are presented, the first one is based on guessing techniques and the second explains the design steps of the controller based on the internal model control (IMC). Furthermore, an improvement on the IMC controller is proposed and results were shown and discussed. IMC is based on integrating the “process model” in the control operation of the actual system. By using an approximation of the original transfer function of the system, it is expected that the IMC control will be able to achieve the desired results. Control schemes of the SEPIC will be presented and results will be shown. The response of the controller was tested with mathematical models for batteries and supercapacitors in MATLAB, as non-ideal DC-sources, and results were presented.


DC-DC converter; Internal model control; PI controller; SEPIC; SMPS

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