Implementation of artificial intelligence for prediction performance of solar thermal system

Mohd Danish Irfan Mohd Sufian, Nur Ashida Salim, Hasmaini Mohamad, Zuhaila Mat Yasin


A related input parameter is used in this case study to forecast solar thermal systems (STS) capabilities and to compare which artificial neural network (ANN) algorithms and other artificial intelligence (AI) methods have the most reliable predictor for STS performance. In order to gauge the performance of the STS, this research aims to implement AI for predicting STS performance by comparing the ANN technique with other methods. Three different training algorithms which are Levenberg-Marquardt (LM), scaled conjugate gradient (SCG) and Bayesian regularization (BR) are considered in this research. This research will identify acceptable parameters and the best AI technique to use in predicting the STS performance. Previous research on STS demonstrates that the efficiency of STS has been estimated using different input parameters. The results show that the prediction of the LM training algorithm is the best for STS performance.


Artificial intelligence; Artificial neural network; Levenberg-Marquardt; Solar thermal systems

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