Performance evaluation of 50 MWp solar photovoltaic power plant under different climatic conditions in Mauritania

Mohamed Saleck Heyine, Ahmed Mohamed Yahya, Daha Hassan Daher, Léon Gaillard, Christophe Menezo, Abdel Kader Mahmoud


The aim of this study was to evaluate a performance analysis of a 50 MWp solar photovoltaic power plant connected to the SOMELC medium voltage electrical grid installed in the Saharan environment of Nouakchott, Mauritania. This study is done in two seasons characterizing the climate of Nouakchott (dry and wet), then in three typical days (clear, cloudy, and sandstorm) based on the measurement data that are obtained from the site of the installation. The measurements were collected daily, to improve the performance evaluation, real-time measurements with a step of 10 seconds for solar irradiation, ambient temperature, module temperature, wind speed, and electrical parameters.  The performance evaluation was done based on the IEC 61724 standard to study the comportment of the power plant during different weather conditions. The total energy produced by the plant in May 2020 dry season (hot heat and harmattan) is 10,559 GWh, of which 6,973 GWh was injected into the power grid of Nouakchott. However, the total energy produced in November 2019 wet season (rainy and cool) was 8,132 GWh, of which 6,937 GWh was injected into the power grid of Nouakchott. Besides, the energy injected by the plant into the grid was for a clear day 263.87 MWh, while for a cloudy day was 118.41 MWh, while it was 39.81 MWh for a sandstorm day. The results showed that temperature and irradiation play an important role in the performance of the system. The performance ratio and efficiency of the system strongly depend on temperature. They go respectively from 73.343%, 11.03% on a clear day, to 63.627%, 11.74% for a cloudy day, however for a sandstorm day they have 54.02% and 8.91%. 


arid climate; grid-connected; performance analysis; PV system; Saharan environment; solar power plant



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