Firefly analytical hierarchy algorithm for optimal allocation and sizing of DG in distribution network

Noor Ropidah Bujal, Aida Fazliana Abdul Kadir, Marizan Sulaiman, Sulastri Manap, Mohamad Fani Sulaima


Distributed generation (DG) can be beneficially allocated in distribution power systems to improve the power system's efficiency. However, specious DG's allocation and sizing may cause more power loss and voltage profile issues for distribution feeders. Therefore, optimization algorithms are vital for future intelligent power distribution network planning. Hence, this study proposes a multi-objective firefly analytical hierarchy algorithm (FAHA) for determining the optimal allocation and sizing of DG. The multi-objective function formulation is improved further by integrating analytical hierarchy process (AHP) with FA to obtain the weight of the coefficient factor (CF). The performance of the proposed approach is verified on the 118-bus radial distribution network with different bus voltage at DG location (VDG) as regulated PV-bus during load flow calculations. The calculated CF and impact of the unregulated voltage at the PV-bus on the objectives function have been analysed. The findings show that the proposed techniques could allocate the DG at the most voltage deviation while minimizing the power loss and improving the radial distribution’s voltage stability index (VSI). The experimental results indicate that the approach is able to improve the overall voltage profile, especially at PQ-buses, minimize the power loss while improving the network's stability index simultaneously.


Analytical hierarchy process; Distribution generation; Firefly algorithm; Loss minimisation; Meta-heuristic techniques; Optimal placement and sizing

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