A tracking control design for linear motor using robust sliding mode learning control

Mukhalad Al-nasrawi, Ali Al_Ghanimi, Alaa Abdalhussain Aldahlemi Mashkor



In this paper, a tracking robust sliding mode learning control (SMLC) is proposed for a linear motor (LM) system. The proposed controller approach, SMLC, can guarantee a zero tracking error in the absence and presence of system uncertainties of the LM system. Unlike other classical sliding mode control (CSMC), the proposed control system is designed without any prior knowledge of the system perturbation which would facilitate control design and simplify its practical applications. To this end, a recursive learning technique is used which simultaneously adapted based on the previous information of the closed loop system stability. The system stability and convergence analysis are rigorously proved in the sense of the Lybenouve criteria. Finally, simulations results are presented to demonstrate the validity and effectiveness of the SMLC over the CSMC in terms of tracking performance and chattering alleviation.


Chattering phenomena; Learning control; Linear motor system; Sliding mode control

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v13.i2.pp%25p


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