A nonlinear model for a three-phase 12/8 switched reluctance machine

Dimitar Kirov Yankov, Tsvetana Grigorova Grigorova


The paper presents a methodology for the synthesis of a nonlinear model for a three-phase 12/8 switched reluctance machine (SRM) in a MATLAB/Simulink environment. The required switched reluctance motor characteristics are derived using the finite element analysis (FEA). Graphical and tabular results of the relations flux/current/position, current/torque/position, and inductance/current/position used to create the SRM model are presented. The structure of the nonlinear three-phase 12/8 SRM model is discussed and its implementation in Simulink is presented. A series of simulation and experimental results are performed to verify the accuracy of the built three-phase, 12/8 SRM (H55PWBKM-1844) nonlinear model. A very good alignment between simulation and experimental results is observed.


Generating mode; Modeling; Motoring mode; SRM nonlinear model; Switched reluctance motor

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v13.i3.pp1576-1587


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