Implementation of disturbance observer for sensorless speed estimation in induction motor

Katherin Indriawati, Febry Pandu Wijaya, Choirul Mufit


The use of speed sensors in induction motors is considered to be less effective because of the high price and diminishing reliability. Over time, a speed estimator was developed to increase the speed of the sensor. This paper describes the application of a disturbance observer algorithm as an estimator of the speed of an induction motor. In this case, the estimator is seen as an embedded system that only uses current information to measure speed of induction motor. To test the performance of the disturbance observer-based estimator, a comparison was made with the estimator based on the extended Kalman filter. From the experiment, it is found that the speed estimation using the disturbance observer has a smaller root mean square error in the low-speed operation than one of the extended Kalman filter, i.e. the root mean squared error (RMSE) value is below 4% in the range of 250 revolution per minute (RPM)–600 RPM.


Disturbance observer; Extended Kalman filter; Induction motor; Speed estimation

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