Restoration of a new age power distribution system

Moazzam Haidari, Vivek Kumar


The new age transformed distribution system became the most popular content in the literature. In that regard a simulation is attempted for the load flow with dynamically changing system data. Any topic of interest like electrical vehicle, distributed generators, FACTS devices were generalized and considered as an element and placed at different possible locations to observe their effect. The outcomes of the work were generalized to re-consider on site. As the power industry is undergoing a drastic change throughout the world. Restoration of a distribution system along with switching sequence has become a challenging task. In the last half of the twentieth century, analysis of transmission system was the prime concern and faced many challenges to power engineers. The chosen equivalent IEEE 33-bus electric power distribution system has been considered to analyze the system properties such as its maximum capacity, operating limits, restoration issues. The placement of static var compensator (SVC) was experimented for each and every bus. Considering the minimization of total power loss as a prime objective, the best location was found. This analysis also suggested a ranking of different buses and can be helpful in deciding the switching sequence, provided in case of fault, weak area clustering is done. So, congestion is managed in this distribution system.


Radial distribution systems; Ranking of buses; Restoration; Switching sequence; Voltage stability; Weak area clustering

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