An efficient MPPT based photovoltaic control model considering environmental parameters

Hossein Zeynal, Zuhaina Zakaria, Bahareh Pourveis


This paper presents an efficient way for maximum power point tracking (MPPT) in photovoltaic (PV) system. MPPT is one of the crucial issues when working with PV system as well as the grid.  To gain the highest efficiency for PV system the maximum power has to be generated continuously. The proposed MPPT method allows PV system to have real-time maximum power all the time with high accuracy and less fluctuations. As of the developed PV system control model presented in this work, an efficient MPP can be realized taking into account changes in irradiation level and temperature which are the thorny issues for other contender algorithms. To validate the model, results obtained from the proposed algorithm is compared with incremental conductance (IC) which is a universally accepted MPPT method. The simulation results exhibited that the developed model outperforms IC method in terms of accuracy of MPP and stability of the output in presence of variable irradiations and temperature. Based on the simulation results, the proposed algorithm is suitable for practical and real-time applications with promising results in terms of solution accuracy and execution. The model is implemented in MATLAB/Simulink.


Incremental conductance method; MATLAB SIMULINK; Maximum power point tracking; Photovoltaic system; Radiation and temperature loop

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