Artificial neural network based DC-DC converter for grid connected transformerless PV system

Janardhan Gurram, Nukala Surendra Babu, Gondlala Narsaiah Srinivas


The transformerless photo voltaic (PV) inverter system connected to grid has created a new trend in the energy market due to its reduced space requirement, low cost and increased efficiency when compared to its counterpart i.e with transformer. Transformerless inverter system suffers from common mode leakage currents due to parasitic capacitances between PV panels and ground. However, different new inverter topologies and state of the art modulation strategies are proposed in the literature to counter it. A dc-dc converter is of more significant to maintain the constant PV output voltage at string level and extract maximum power from PV. This paper presents Artificial neural network (ANN) algorithm-based dc-dc converter to track maximum power from PV module connected to grid without transformer. It also compares the performance of ANN based algorithm with conventional perturb and Observe maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technique. MATLAB/Simulink environment is used to pursue the simulation of ANN based algorithm and analyses its performance for variety of irradiance levels.


ANN based DC-DC converter; Common mode leakage currents; Maximum power point tracking; Transformerelss inverter

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