Control for induction motor drives using predictive model stator currents and speeds control

Vo Thanh Ha, Pham Thi Giang


This paper is presented for designing a new controller using the predictive model current and speed control method for the asynchronous motor. This control method is based on traditional predictive controller development to have a cascade structure similar to the rotor flux control (field-oriented control) and direct torque control (DTC). Therefore, this control method will have two control loops. Both inner and outer loop controllers use predictive power. The outer ring is speed control, while the internal circle is stator current control. The inner loop is based on the finite control set – model predictive control (FCS-MPC), while the outer ring to take full advantage of the high dynamic response of the inner circle uses the deadbeat MPC. MATLAB simulation results show that this control method has performance equivalent to traditional controllers while minimizing overshoot and having fast, on-demand response times.


Direct torque control; Field-oriented control; Induction motor; Model predictive control; PI

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