Performance analysis of voltage sensorless based controller for two-stage grid-connected solar PV system

Meghraj Morey, Nitin Gupta, Man Mohan Garg, Ajay Kumar


In this research, a sensor free DC-link voltage controller based multifunctional inverter is proposed for a two-stage three-phase grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) system. First, the proposed scheme consists of an outer voltage controller requiring DC-link voltage knowledge, has the ability to manage power-sharing between the PV system and the utility grid, and second, has the ability of the VSI to act as a compensator for harmonics in the grid current polluted by non-linear loads. The suggested active power controlling grid reference current signal scheme replaces the standard controller, requiring the high voltage sensor to sense DC-link voltage, which is pricey, increasing the hardware complexity and reducing reliability. The performance of the proposed active power management approach is comparable to that of a conventional voltage sensor-based voltage controller. The effectiveness of the proposed method for two stage three-phase grid-connected solar PV system under fixed and variable irradiance feeding nonlinear loads is rigorously verified using MATLAB/Simulink software.


DC-link voltage control; Grid-connected; Power quality; Power-sharing; Sensorless; Solar photovoltaic; Two-stage converter

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