Online induction motor rotor time constant estimation using perturbation-based extremum seeking control

Hossein Madadi Kojabadi, Liuchen Chang


A novel online induction motor (IM) rotor time constant estimator based on a perturbation-based extremum seeking control (ESC) and model reference adaptive system (MRAS) is proposed. Since implementations of fieldoriented control (FOC) requires accurate values of IM parameters, such as rotor time constant, so accurate and robust on-line estimations of such parameters are crucial for any modern industrial IM drives. The proposed MRAS estimator employs ESC method to estimate the IM rotor resistance in various operating conditions. Meanwhile, since extremum seeking control is a model-free scheme, so it is robust to other IM parameter variations. The feasibility and effectiveness of the IM rotor resistance estimation by utilizing ESC scheme has been verified by simulation and experimental results. A 2.2 kW experimental setup has been implemented.


Active power function; Extremum seeking control; Induction motor; Parameter estimation

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