Design and implementation of DC linear actuator and stepper motor for remote control of the driverless tractor robot

Viroch Sukontanakarn, Tanawat Chalardsakul, Banjerd Saengchandr


This research was to propose the DC linear actuators and a stepper motor as mechanical drive systems such as brake pedal, clutch pedal, forward-reverse gearshift, gear position selection, tail-lifting system to lift the chemical tank, and the speed selection system of power take-off (PTO). The DC linear actuators were used instead of the muscles, arms, and legs of the human being. The stepper motor was used to control the steering direction of a driverless tractor robot. The control was based on the programmable logic controller and radio remote control for the driverless tractor robots. Both MATLAB/Simulink simulation and experimental results were the validation and satisfactorily achieved. The test results of the driverless tractor robot in spraying water on a football field were satisfactory steering response and rapid braking.


DC linear actuators; Driverless tractor robot; MATLAB/Simulink; Programmable logic controller; Stepper motor

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