Improved space vector modulation algorithm of 5-level three-phase z-source based cascaded inverter

Ahfouda Abdelkarim, Bekakra Youcef, Laid Zellouma, Djaafar Toumi, Ahmed Ibrahim, Raef Aboelsaud


The integration of a Z-source network with a 5-Level three-phase inverter based cascaded to provide voltage step-up function is proposed in this paper. The system is controlling by an improved space vector modulation (SVM) the implantation of algorithm and innovative virtual automated solutions can be considered, very fast and very simple. The main objective of the proposed system is to achieve an output voltage twice the applied input voltage, and to eliminate the largest amount of excess harmonic. This proposed model is characterized by the ease of boosting the output voltage twice the input voltage, depending on the characteristics of the Z-source network without the need for a DC-DC rectifier. Furthermore, the proposed algorithm for this system is characterized by improving the output voltage and eliminating a large number of harmonics while greatly simplifying the calculations compared to its conventional SVM. This makes the proposed system and its algorithm an interesting alternative to classical systems and algorithms. The simulation was processed using MATLAB/Simulink. The results obtained prove and verify the effectiveness of the proposed system. From the results, of the output current total harmonic distortion (THD), it was reduced to 1.05% which is very low compared to the other algorithms in the literature.


Cascaded inverter; Conventional SVM; H-bridge inverter; Vector modulation; Z-source network

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