Robust current-mode control of bridgeless single-switch SEPIC PFC converter

Humam Al-Baidhani, Abdullah Sahib


In this paper, the nonlinear model of the bridgeless single-switch ac-dc  single-ended primary-inductor converter (SEPIC) in discontinuous conduction mode is derived. In addition, a robust control method is introduced to accommodate the variations in input voltage and load current. The current-mode controlled power converter is designed to operate in buck and boost modes. The proposed closed-loop SEPIC converter is simulated in MATLAB to validate the design approach. The current-mode control scheme is also compared with the conventional voltage-mode controller. It is confirmed that the proposed control scheme exhibits precise tracking performance and enhanced transient response under large disturbances.


AC-DC converter; bridgeless SEPIC; current-mode control; DCM; single-switch PFC

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