Voltage stability assessment prediction using a guide strategy-based adaptive particle swarm optimisation-neural network algorithm

Husham Idan Hussein, Hassan Saadallah Naji, Ghassan Abdullah Salman


In this work, the indicators of electrical power network stability and voltage stability (VS) are discussed and developed with the aim of using a power transfer stability index (PTSI) indicator as a predictor for voltage stability (VS) in electrical power networks. The power transfer stability index (PTSI) was thus used to detect abnormally weak voltages in buses within such power system networks (weak). The target data are obtained using the Newton Raphson method (NR) and include magnitude, phase angle, and active and reactive power. A new adaptive particle swarm optimization-neural network algorithm based on a guiding strategy (GSAPSO-NN) was also used to achieve the goal of the paper by improving the mixed particle updates and the weightings of the neural network to decrease the search time. All results were then compared with actual values as calculated using the PTSI NR method. The final results show only simple differences or approximately the same values using both the proposed and the classical methods. The MATLAB-PSAT package was employed to obtain most of these results and the testing of the new method was done on the IEEE14 bus system as well as the Iraqi 24-bus power system. The effectiveness validation of the new hybrid method for assessing voltage stability was thus achieved.


Neural network; PSO; Stability indicators; Voltage assessment; Voltage stability

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v13.i4.pp2199-2206


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