Optimal tuning fractional order PID based on marine predator algorithm for DC motor

Widi Aribowo, Bambang Suprianto, Reza Rahmadian, Mahendra Widyartono, Ayusta Lukita Wardani, Aditya Prapanca


DC motors are a popular topic because they are widely applied in various electronic equipment. So, this requires a control that is fast and reliable. The development of optimized control methods is growing rapidly with the discovery of several new methods. Marine predator algorithm (MPA) is an optimization method based on marine life between living things. This article discusses the application of the MPA method for optimizing fractional order PID (FOPID) control on DC motors. The implementation of the FOPID controller is also difficult because the fractional calculus operators of the FOPID controller cannot be directly implemented in numerical calculations. The method proposed in this article is the FOPID-MPA method. To get a performance test of the proposed method, this study uses several comparison methods, namely the seagull optimization algorithm (ASO), chimp optimization algorithm (ChOA), and sine tree seed algorithm (STSA). This study also uses a variation of the reference speed to get the performance of the proposed method. From the experiment it is known that the FOPID-MPA method gives the best performance. The FOPID-MPA method has an overshoot value of 4.34% compared to the PID-MPA method in case study 1 and has an integrated of time-weighted-squared-error (ITSE) value of 7.44% better than the PID-MPA method in case study 2.


ASO; ChOA; DC motor; FOPID; marine predator algorithm; proportional integral derivative metaheuristic; STSA

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v14.i2.pp762-770


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