Optimal location of multiple FACTS devices in N-1 contingency conditions using traditional genetic algorithm

Tanuja Koppa Shankaregowda, Shankaralingappa Channappa Byalihal


Transmission systems are prone to contingency conditions that would either occur using a generator outage or line outage. Placing and sizing the flexible ac transmission systems (FACTS) devices appropriately can reduce the effects of the contingency condition. This paper optimally locates FACTS devices in a transmission system under the N-1 contingency condition. The genetic algorithm (GA) technique is used to locate different, multiple FACTS devices (thyristor-controlled series capacitor and static VAR compensator) optimally in a power system. This optimization technique is used to locate FACTS devices on the IEEE 9 bus system. MATLAB simulation is developed and checked for both single and multiple FACTS placements. Simulation results obtained for generator outage and line outage are tabulated with the type of FACTS device/rating, location, and generation cost with line loss reduction. The optimized results observed for the cost-optimized FACTS placement problem are found to be satisfactory. The results obtained in the IEEE 9 bus system have shown improvement in a decrease of generation cost and system loss component while placement and sizing of both the FACTS devices.


FACTS; Genetic algorithm; N-1 contingency; SVC; TCSC

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v14.i3.pp1876-1884


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