Design of optimal PI controller for torque ripple minimization of SVPWM-DTC of BLDC motor

Mallempati Sunil Kumar, Gopisetti Satheesh, Sujatha Peddakotla


Conventional direct torque control (CDTC) for brushless DC motor (BLDCM) using proportional integral (PI) controller suffers from torque ripple minimization and speed regulation issues. A novel method in fusion with space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) with DTC using optimal PI controller is developed to minimize these issues. In this method, SVPWM replaces switching table and hysteresis controllers in CDTC. To get better performance in steady state, conventional PI controllers are preferred in SVPWM-DTC for BLDCM. However, uncertainty arises due to PI controller tuning as well as load variations. In such a case, optimal PI controller tuned properly can minimize these uncertainties. Here, JAYA algorithm is used to tune controller gain parameters. Simulations of proposed PI controller of SVPWM-DTC for BLDCM are carried away in Simulink. To appreciate the performance of proposed optimal controller of SVPWM-DTC for BLDCM, the simulation results are compared with Conventional PI controller and particle swarm optimization (PSO) technique based tuned PI controller. This proposed technique reduces the toque ripple by 63.1% when compared to conventional PI and 58.5% when compared to PSO-PI controller. It also improves the settling time by 43.9% when compared to conventional PI and 46.79% when compared to PSO-PI controller.


Brushless direct current motor; Conventional direct torque control; Direct torque control; JAYA; Particle swarm optimization; Space vector pulse width modulation

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