Increasing photovoltaic system power output with white paint albedo – a scenario in Al-Mausaib City using PVSyst. software

Ahmed Hussein Duhis, Mohanad Aljanabi, Muhammed Salah Sadiq Alkafaji


Sundry circumstances influence on the photovoltaic (PV) performance,
a ground albedo one of an important factor that effect on the PV panel work. This research study is to improving the output solar structures fixed on horizontal of the buildings of the even surface with adjustable roof albedo; this study incorporates integrating innovative PV and levelheaded surface techniques to boost the energy production of photovoltaic system. The modeling and simulation study were utilized as part of the system to examine the effectiveness of the solar structure installed on concrete horizontal even tiles structures with a roof albedo of 0.25, After that, white paint was applied to the concrete surface in front of the solar system to raise the albedo to 0.70. The important findings demonstrate that a rise in surface albedo from 0.25 to 0.7 will contribute to an increase in yearly solar PV power generation. The case study scenario in Al-Mussaib Technical College (L at 32° 46′ 59.99″ N, 44° 19′ 0.01 E), this paper will study the effects of two different materials top surface on the yield of PV module, for these studies, the PVSyst. program version 7.2 is utilized to analysis data from PV solar stand-alone systems.


ground albedo; ground reflectance; inclined reflectors; photovoltaic module; PVSyst. software

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