Real-time current sensor fault detection and localization in DFIG wind turbine systems

Hamza Touioui, Abderahmane Ganouche, Zahir Ahmida, Hacene Bouzekri, Fouad Tachi


The degree of reliability is one of the main issues in having the uninterrupted operation of fault-tolerant measurement and control systems. This paper presents a technique for detecting and localizing current sensor fault in doubly fed induction generator wind turbine systems (DFIG-WT). For this purpose, a methodology divided into three steps has been carried out and is presented as follows: the first step is the application of the zero-sequence component as an indicator of the presence of the sensor fault. The second step is based on the application of Concordia transformation on the current signals to generate different criteria for localizing the faulty sensor. Finally, an artificial neural network model is developed to analyze the localization criteria and identify the faulty sensor. All simulations are carried out in MATLAB/Simulink environment. Results show that the proposed technique is effective and can be used in real-time fault detection and localization in the DFIG-WT.


artificial neural network; doubly fed induction generator; fault detection; fault localization; sensor; wind turbine

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