New combined control strategy of on-board bidirectional battery chargers for electric vehicles

Khadidja Hadji, Kada Hartani, Tarik Mohammed Chikouche


This paper aims to develop a bidirectional on-board battery charger for electric vehicles (EVs). The studied battery charger is composed of a bidirectional ac-dc converter as the first stage of conversion and a bidirectional dc-dc converter as the second stage. The first one is controlled by a predictive direct power control strategy based on a space vector modulation technique known as P-SVM-DPC, and the second is used to regulate the battery current and regulate the power direction flow by using a direct current control technique. The choice of its topology has taken into consideration the grid-to-vehicles (G2V) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) power flow directions. During charging or discharging, the DC/DC converter acts likes a buck or boost converter. Using MATLAB/Simulink software, the performance of the battery charger is examined in various operating modes, such as fast charging and quick discharging.


battery charger; electric vehicles; G2V; power quality; predictive technique; unit power factor; V2G

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