Modelling and performance analysis of free body dynamics of electric vehicles

Rajalingam Sakthivelsamy, Kanagamalliga Subramaniyan


The modelling and performance analysis of free body dynamics in electric vehicles (EVs) plays a crucial role in understanding and optimizing the vehicle's behavior and performance. This research focuses on accurately modelling the forces and motions acting on the vehicle body, excluding the powertrain components. By considering factors such as vehicle weight, suspension characteristics, tire properties, and aerodynamic forces, a comprehensive mathematical model is developed. This model enables the simulation and analysis of the vehicle's behavior under various operating conditions. The performance analysis involves evaluating key metrics such as vehicle response, stability limits, and ride comfort. The proposed system is compared with the existing electric vehicle in the market. The findings from this research contribute to the design and development of EVs with improved handling, stability, and energy efficiency. Additionally, they inform the development of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies. Overall, the modelling and performance analysis of free body dynamics in EVs supports the advancement of sustainable and efficient transportation systems.


dynamics; efficiency; electric vehicles; modelling; optimization; performance analysis; sustainability

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