Predictive controllers for synchronous reluctance motor drive systems

Muhammad Syahril Mubarok, Nur Vidia Laksmi B., Tian-Hua Liu


This paper proposes the design and implementation of predictive controllers for synchronous reluctance motor drive systems to enhance their dynamic responses. The predictive speed and current controllers in this paper are designed in systematic procedures. The predictive speed controller is implemented by using Laguerre function procedure. The Laguerre function is used to simplify the algorithm and to minimize the execution time of the digital signal processor. For predictive current controller, a finite control set method improves the current tracking ability. The measured currents are used to predict the future phase-current based on the motor model. The optimal control inputs of both predictive controllers are determined by using a cost function minimization method. Experimental results show the proposed drive system provides a wide adjustable speed range, from 2 r/min to 1800 r/min. It has better performance than a proportional-integral (PI) controller including fast rise time, which is 0.9 second, small steady state error, which is 0.32 r/min, and small current ripples. A 32-bit floating-point digital signal processor, TMS-320-F-28335 DSP, is employed to implement the control algorithms.


cost function minimization; dynamic response; laguerre function; predictive controller; synchronous reluctance motor

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