Experimental investigation of bidirectional series resonant DC-DC converter in different operating modes

Angel Lichev, Yasen Madankov, Vasil Mihov


This paper presents a study of bidirectional series resonant DC/DC converter. The main operating modes of the converter with phase-shift control technique are observed. An experimental survey with a laboratory model of such type of converter working over the resonant frequency is made. The functionality of the studied device operating in a wide area of loading is demonstrated with waveforms of the main parameters. The conducted measurements are used to build the experimental output characteristics of the converter. A similarity of the experimental results with the theoretical are denoted, and the ability to achieve current source characteristics for the whole range of loading is proven. The possibility of the studied converter for operation both in forward and reverse modes of energy flow is proved, which positions the device as an appropriate variant for implementation in the storage system control area.


bidirectional energy flow; phase-shift control; resonant DC-DC converter; soft commutation; ZVS

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v15.i2.pp1045-1051


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