Mitigation of voltage sag and voltage swell by using dynamic voltage restorer

El-Zahraa M. Mattar, Ekramy S. Mahmoud, Mohammed Ibrahim El-Sayed


Recent power quality (PQ) research shows that the most common types of power quality disturbances are voltage sags and swells in medium and low-voltage distribution grids. This paper shows how to improve two significant power quality disturbances: sags and swells voltage. To find out what effect these two PQ issues have in real life, a study case based on real nonlinear loads data from large induction motors at Beshai Company in Sadat City in Egypt is investigated. The dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) has been suggested as a solution to the voltage swell and voltage sag issues. The point of common coupling (PCC) is linked with the dynamic voltage restorer to mitigate the PQ problems that have been found. The power network, loads, and DVR may all be modeled using the MATLAB/Simulink platform. The jellyfish search optimizer (JFS) is used to get the gain settings of the proportional and integral (PI) controller for the proposed DVR. MATLAB/Simulink's results show that the proposed device is effective, reliable, and has low latency.


dynamic voltage; PI controller; power quality disturbances; voltage sag; voltage swell

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