Design and verification of q-axis perturbation based active islanding detection schemes for DG systems

Praveen Raj Rajaswamy Sarojam, Joseph Sarojini Savier


The penetration of grid integrated distributed generation (DG) in the present decade, has benefited rural communities, the environment, and the power sector. These renewable power sources based DGs could eliminate the need of extensive transmission networks, especially in remote areas, reduce emissions and improve power supply reliability. A significant drawback of grid integrated DG systems is the islanding of DG units, which puts workers' safety at risk and raises the possibility of damaging electrical infrastructure. Therefore, islanding detection techniques are used to reduce the danger associated with islanded functioning of DG units. Fast detection, small non detection area and less power quality disturbance are the major requirements of any islanding detection method. To address this issue of islanding, researchers have proposed various islanding detection strategies. This paper compares various q-axis controller-based islanding identification approaches: sub-harmonic perturbation (SHP), complementary reactive power perturbation (CRPP), and even harmonic perturbation (EHP). In all three proposed methodologies, the perturbations introduced result in frequency deviations surpassing the predefined threshold values. But the time of islanding detection is least in the CRPP approach. CRPP can also drift the total harmonic distortion (THD) beyond the corresponding threshold in an appreciable way. The performance of these (Islanding detection methods) IDMs is evaluated through simulations using MATLAB-Simulink on a PV fed DG. The efficacy of the comparative analysis is ensured with necessary waveforms.


even harmonic perturbation; grid synchronized distributed generation; islanding detection methods; rate of change of frequency; sub-harmonic perturbation; complementary reactive power perturbation

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