Optimal coordination of directional over current relays for distribution systems using hybrid GWO-CSA

Arathi Pothakanahalli Bhemasenarao, Shankaralingappa Channappa Byalihal


Coordination of protective relays is a critical aspect of electrical distribution systems, ensuring effective and reliable protection against faults. In modern power systems, the integration of distributed generation (DG) sources adds complexity to the coordination task. The dynamic nature of DG systems requires adaptive relay settings that can swiftly detect and isolate faults while minimizing potential damage and downtime. The purpose of this research is to improve the coordination of directional over current relays in electrical distribution systems, particularly in DG systems. An optimization technique combining the grey wolf optimization (GWO) and cuckoo search algorithm (CSA) is developed to identify the best relay settings that reduce overall operation time while ensuring excellent fault identification and isolation. To address relay faults caused by DG integration, a suitable primary and backup relay design is chosen, and the influence of time multiplier settings (TMS) on system performance and reliability is investigated. The proposed GWO-CSA technique is evaluated and implemented on IEEE 3, 8 and 15-bus systems using MATLAB. Simulation results show that the GWO-CSA strategy outperforms well compared to previous algorithms, enabling optimal coordination and increased protection in DG systems while drastically lowering relay operating time.


coordination; cuckoo search algorithm; distributed generation systems; grey wolf optimization; optimal relay setting; over current relays

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v15.i2.pp1276-1289


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