Validation and test of a novel multi-input converter in extreme conditions using PSOPIC in hybrid power generation environment

Supriya Jayaprakash, Rajashekar Jangam Siddamallaiah


The need for renewable energy resources increases due to the day-by-day increase in load demand. Still, there is a need for new technology to operate the existing power system optimally. Distributed generation (DGENs) are helpful in meeting the demand of power due to its lower cost compared to the construction of the complete power system. But this DGEN is constructed using renewable resources, which are intermittent in nature. So, hybrid power generation, which uses multiple sources, is used to satisfy the power need. In this paper, validation, and test of a new multi-input single ended primary inductor converter (MI-SEPIC) is proposed. The performance of the MI-SEPIC converter is tested by connecting photovoltaic (PV), wind, and fuel cells. The proposed system is connected to the grid, and the power transients are analyzed. The DQ control of grid synchronization is discussed in this paper. The conventional PI controller is replaced with a hybrid particle swarm optimization tuned proportional integral control (PSOPIC), and the results are compared. Verification is done using MATLAB software. Validation and test with different test cases to prove the sturdiness of the complete system is explained.


fuel cell power generation; multi-port-SEPIC converter; PSO-PI control; photovoltaic power generation; wind power generation

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