Comparison Analysis of Indirect FOC Induction Motor Drive using PI, Anti-Windup and Pre Filter Schemes

Md Hairul Nizam Talib, Zulkifilie Ibrahim, Nasrudin Abd. Rahim, Ahmad Shukri Abu Hasim


This paper presents the speed performance analysis of indirect Field Oriented Control (FOC) induction motor drive by applying Proportional Integral (PI) controller, PI with Anti-Windup (PIAW) and Pre- Filter (PF). The objective of this experiment is to have quantitative comparison between the controller strategies towards the performance of the motor in term of speed tracking and load rejection capability in low, medium and rated speed operation. In the first part, PI controller is applied to the FOC induction motor drive which the gain is obtained based on determined Induction Motor (IM) motor parameters.  Secondly an AWPI strategy is added to the outer loop and finally, PF is added to the system. The Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) technique is used to control the voltage source inverter and complete vector control scheme of the IM drive is tested by using a DSpace 1103 controller board. The analysis of the results shows that, the PI and AWPI controller schemes produce similar performance at low speed operation. However, for the medium and rated speed operation the AWPI scheme shown significant improvement in reducing the overshoot problem and improving the setting time. The PF scheme on the other hand, produces a slower speed and torque response for all tested speed operation. All schemes show similar performance for load disturbance rejection capability.


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