Effect of Parametric Variations and Voltage Unbalance on Adaptive Speed Estimation Schemes for Speed Sensorless Induction Motor Drives

Mohan Krishna. S, Febin Daya. J.L


Speed Estimation without speed sensors is a complex phenomenon and is overly dependent on the machine parameters. It is all the more significant during low speed or near zero speed operation. There are several approaches to speed estimation of an induction motor. Eventually, they can be classified into two types, namely, estimation based on the machine model and estimation based on magnetic saliency and air gap space harmonics. This paper analyses the effect of incorrect setting of parameters like the stator resistance, rotor time constant, load torque variations and also Voltage unbalance on various adaptive control based speed estimation techniques fed from the machine model. It also shows how the convergence mechanisms of the adaptation schemes are affected during these conditions. The equivalent models are built and simulated offline using MATLAB/SIMULINK blocksets and the results are analysed.

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v6.i1.pp77-85


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