LabVIEW Interface for Controlling a Test Bench for Photovoltaic Modules and Extraction of Various Parameters

Abderrezak Guenounou, Ali Malek, Michel Aillerie, Achour Mahrane


Numerical simulation using mathematical models that take into account physical phenomena governing the operation of solar cells is a powerful tool to predict the energy production of photovoltaic modules prior to installation in a given site. These models require some parameters that manufacturers do not generally give. In addition, the availability of a tool for the control and the monitoring of performances of PV modules is of great importance for researchers, manufacturers and distributors of PV solutions. In this paper, a test and characterization protocol of PV modules is presented. It consists of an outdoor computer controlled test bench using a LabVIEW graphical interface. In addition to the measuring of the IV characteristics, it provides all the parameters of PV modules with the possibility to display and print a detailed report for each test. After the presentation of the test bench and the developed graphical interface, the obtained results based on an experimental example are presented.

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