Online Adaptation of Rotor Resistance based on Sliding Mode Observer with Backstepping Control of A Five-Phase Induction Motor Drives

H. Echeikh, R Trabelsi, Atif Iqbal, M.F Mimouni, R Alammari


Multiphase electric drives have been developed due to numerous advantages offered by those machines when it compared with the conventional three-phase machines. Multiphase motor drives are considered for applications, where the reduction of power per phase for both motor and inverter and high reliability are required. High performance control techniques are developed for multi-phase drives. The performances of the high performance controller and flux observers may be degraded during the operation. Since the parameters of Induction Motor (IM) varies continuously due to temperature variation and heating. Thus it is significantly important that the value of rotor resistance is continuously observed online and adapted by the control algorithm in order to avoid detuning effects. The efficiency and performance of an induction motor drive system can be improved by online observation of the critical parameters, such as the rotor resistance and stator resistance. Among the parameters of IM, rotor resistance is a decisive one for flux estimation, and also the stator resistance becomes critical in the low-speed operation condition. This paper presents a new online estimation method for the rotor resistance of the IM for sliding mode observer. This method generally based on theories of variable structure and is useful in order to adjust online unknown parameters (load torque and rotor resistance). The presented non-linear compensator afford a voltage inputs on the articulation of stator current and rotor speed measurements, and engender an estimates for the unknown parameters simultaneously, the non-measurable state variables (rotor flux and derivatives of the stator current and voltage) that converge to the corresponding true values. Under the persistent excitation condition, the proposed method estimates the actual value of rotor resistance, which guarantees the exact estimation of the rotor flux. Non-linear Backstepping control and adaptive sliding mode observer of a five-phase induction motor drive is presented. The accuracy and validity of the method is verified by MATLAB simulation model.

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