Open-switch Fault-tolerant Control of Power Converters in a Grid-connected Photovoltaic System

Bilal Boudjellal, Tarak Benslimane


This paper presents the study of an open switch fault tolerant control of a grid-connected photovoltaic system. The studied system is based on the classical DC–DC boost converter and a bidirectional 6-pulse DC–AC converter. The objective is to provide an open-switch fault detection method and fault-tolerant control for both of boost converter and grid-side converter (GSC) in a grid-connected photovoltaic system. A fast fault detection method and a reliable fault-tolerant topology are required to ensure continuity of service, and achieve a faster corrective maintenance. In this work, the mean value of the error voltages is used as fault indicator for the GSC, while, for the boost converter the inductor current form is used as fault indicator. The fault-tolerant topology was achieved by adding one redundant switch to the boost converter, and by adding one redundant leg to the GSC. The results of the fault tolerant control are presented and discussed to validate the proposed approach under different scenarios and different solar irradiances.

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