An Improved of Multiple Harmonic Sources Identification in Distribution System with Inverter Loads by Using Spectrogram

M.H. Jopri, A.R. Abdullah, M. Manap, M.R. Yusoff, T. Sutikno, M.F. Habban


This paper introduces an improved of multiple harmonic sources identification that been produced by inverter loads in power system using time-frequency distribution (TFD) analysis which is spectrogram.  The spectrogram is a very applicable method to represent signals in time-frequency representation (TFR) and the main advantages of spectrogram are the accuracy, speed of the algorithm and use low memory size such that it can be computed rapidly. The identification of multiple harmonic sources is based on the significant relationship of spectral impedances which are the fundamental impedance (Z1) and harmonic impedance (Zh) that extracted from TFR. To verify the accuracy of the proposed method, MATLAB simulations carried out several unique cases with different harmonic producing loads on IEEE 4-bus test feeder cases. It is proven that the proposed method is superior with 100% correct identification of multiple harmonic sources. It is envisioned that the method is very accurate, fast and cost efficient to localize harmonic sources in distribution system.

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