Experimental Comparison between Four and Six Switch Inverters Fed FLC Based Speed Sensorless IM Drives at Very Low Speed

Z.M.S. Elbarbary


This paper introduces experimental comparison study between six and four switch inverter fed three phase induction motor drive system. The control strategy of the drive is based on speed sensoreless vector control using model reference adaptive system as a speed estimator. The adaptive mechanism of speed control loop depends on fuzzy logic control.  Four switch inverter conFigureurations reduces the cost of the inverter, the switching losses, the complexity of the control algorithms, interface circuits, the computation of real-time implementation, volume-compactness and reliability of the drive system. The robustness of the proposed model reference adaptive system based on four switch three-phase inverter (FSTPI) fed induction motor drive is verified experimentally at different operating conditions. Experimental work is carried using digital signal processor (DSP1103) for a 1.1 kW motor. A performance comparison of the proposed FSTP inverter fed IM drive with a conventional six switch three-phase inverter (SSTP) inverter system is also made in terms of speed response. The results show that the proposed drive system provides a fast speed response and good disturbance rejection capability. The proposed FSTP inverter fed IM drive is found quite acceptable considering its performance, cost reduction and other advantages features.

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v8.i1.pp130-146


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