Sliding Mode Observers-based Fault Detection and Isolation for Wind Turbine-driven Induction Generator

T. Sellami, H. Berriri, S. Jelassi, A. M. Darcherif, M. F. Mimouni


Inter-turn short-circuit (ITSC) faults on the induction machine has received much attention in the recent years. Early detection of such faults in wind turbine systems would allow to avoid fluctuation on wind power output and maintain the reliability level. In this paper, Sliding Mode Observers (SMO)-based fault detection and isolation method is developed for induction generator (IG)-based variable-speed grid-connected wind turbines. Firstly, the dynamic model of the wind turbine and IG was given and then, the control was made based on Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) method. The IG closed-loop via Indirect Rotor Flux Oriented Control (IRFOC) scheme was also described. Hence, the performance of the wind turbine system and the stability of injected power to the grid were analyzed under the ITSC fault conditions. The control schemes were proved to be inherently unstable under the faulty conditions. Then, robust SMO were investigated to design an ITSC fault detection and isolation scheme. Finally, simulation results of ITSC detection and isolation in the variable-speed grid-connected wind turbine with affected IG confirm the theoretical development.

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