The Coordinated Control of FACTS and HVDC Using H-infinity Robust Method to Stabilize the Inter-regional Oscillations in Power Systems

Mahmoud Zadehbagheri, Mehrdad Pishavaie, Rahim Ildarabadi, Tole Sutikno


This paper presents a new resistant control method for synchronized connection of FACTS & HVDC aiming to get the stability of small signal of the power system. The efficiency of the proposed controller on the stability of the entire tested system has been proved and also guarantees the stability against uncertainty and turmoil. Applying this method can also reduce the difficulties of oscillations between adjacent areas to generator without strengthening transmission lines or costly constraints on system performance. The simulation results on a system of 68 buses, 16 generators and 5 areas show that the mentioned controller with embedded HVDC and SVC has significant performance despite changes in parameters.

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