An Open-Circuit Fault Detection Method with Wavelet Transform In IGBT-Based DC/AC Inverter Used in Electric Vehicles

Saeid Moosavi, Hesam Akbari, Saeed Valipour


Today power electronics play an important role in the electric industry. Power electronic converters are an inseparable component in power systems. One of these converters is DC/AC inverter that is widely used in power systems, industrial applications, electric motor drive and electric vehicles. Due to the tense situation with the complexity that exists in these applications, inverters are exposed to failure. The fault occurring in inverter can cause disturbance and damaging harmonics, cut some industrial processes to in the power system or in the case of electric vehicles, causing irreparable damage. For this reason, detecting faults in the inverter is very important. In this paper, open circuit fault of IGBT in an electric vehicle has been examined. We use three-phase current and wavelet transform to identify the state of the system and we can extract current waveform characteristics. We use neural network algorithm for fault detection and classification.  An electric vehicle in 5 different speeds and 5 different torque and a total of 220 failure modes have been studied and tested. The results show the method has been succeeded to detection all forms of defined faults

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