Augmented robust T-S fuzzy control based PMSG wind turbine improved with H∞ performance

Naoual Tidjani, Abderrezak Guessoum


In this paper, an improved augmented Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy control design applied to the system of converting wind turbine energy was proposed. The wind generator used is based on a permanent magnet synchronous wind power generator (PMSG) under varying operation of the wind speed. The proposed T-S fuzzy control strategy aims to maximize wind energy in low wind speed. A part of our contribution lies in the limitation of the power output of the wind generator in high wind speed. Through the concept of the virtual desired variables, the design of the output tracking controller is achieved. In light of this concept, the developed T-S fuzzy control was designed via parallel-distributed compensation (PDC) approach with H∞ performance.

Sufficient conditions for the stability of the closed-loop system affected by external disturbances are proved from Lyapunov’s direct method and the feedback gains of the controller strategy are determined by linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) tools. Another contribution is in showing the robustness of the Takagi-Sugeno based control strategy, with a focus on a set of system parameters with model uncertainties. The simulation results show the high performance of the proposed controller strategy for a 5MW (PMSG) obtained through simulation.

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