Correlation between Battery Voltage under Loaded Condition and Estimated State of Charge at Valve-Regulated Lead Acid Battery on Discharge Condition using Open Circuit Voltage Method

Ahmad Qurthobi, Anggita Bayu Krisna Pambudi, Dudi Darmawan, Reza Fauzi Iskandar


One of the common methods that developed to predict state of charge is open circuit voltage (OCV) method. The problem which commonly occurs is to find the correction parameter between open circuit voltage and loaded voltage of the battery. In this research, correlation between state of charge measurement at loaded condition of a Panasonic LC-VA1212NA1, which is a valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery, and open circuit voltage had been analyzed. Based on the results of research, correlation between battery’s measured voltage under loaded condition and open circuit voltage could be approached by two linearization area. It caused by K v ’s values tend to increase when measured voltage under loaded condition V M < 11.64 volt. However, K v values would be relatively stable for every V M ≥ 11.64 volts. Therefore, estimated state of charge value, in respect to loaded battery voltage, would increase slower on V M < 11.64 volts and faster on other range.

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