Performance investigation of multi-level inverter for DFIG during grid autoreclosure operation

Mahrous Ahmed, Mohamed K. Metwaly, Nagy Elkalashy


This paper aims to study the multi-level inverter (MLI) fed the widely used doubly-fed induction generators (DFIG). The new DFIG generator connected to the electrical grid is evaluated during single-pole autoreclosure operation to continue the generator support to the system. The effect of using MLI on the performance of the DFIG system during the dynamic operation of the autoreclosure is studied for the first time and integrating a new MLI during the fault and clearing periods. A dynamic arc model is represented depending on Kizilcay model. Furthermore, the dynamics performance of the DFIG during integration with MLI to improve the performance is studied. The MLI is preferred because of processing high power with high resolution of the voltage waveforms and lower stresses on switches. The MLI enhances the performance of DFIG-based generating system associated with electrical grid system in case of single-pole autoreclosure. The proposed cases of studies are simulated using Matlab/Simulink to evaluate the proposed system performance during the autoreclosure operation for faults in double-circuit transmission systems.

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