Comparison between Fuzzy Logic and PI Control for The Speed Of BLDC Motor

Akram H. Ahmed, Abd El Samie B. Kotb, Ayman M. Ali


In this paper the analytical comparison of brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive with proportional integral (PI) and fuzzy logic controller (FLC) based speed controllers is estimated. Proportional integral (PI) has disadvantages like it do not operate properly when the system has a high degree of load disturbances. In recent years, the application of fuzzy logic controller (FLC) for high dynamic performance of motor drives has become an important tool. FLC is a good for load disturbances and can be easily implemented. The modeling and simulation of both the speed controllers have been made by MATLAB/SIMULINK. The dynamic characteristics of the BLDC motor (speed and torque) response, obtained under PI and Fuzzy logic based speed controller, are compared for various operating condition.

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