A novel optimization of the particle swarm based maximum power point tracking for photovoltaic systems under partially shaded conditions

M. Atig, Y. Miloud, A. Miloudi, A. Merah


When the irradiance distribution over the photovoltaic panels is uniform, the pursuit of the maximum power point is not reached, which has allowed several researchers to use traditional MPPT techniques to solve this problem Among these techniques a PSO algorithm is used to have the maximum global power point (GMPPT) under partial shading. On the other hand, this one is not reliable vis-à-vis the pursuit of the MPPT. Therefore, in this paper we have treated another technique based on a new modified PSO algorithm so that the power can reach its maximum point. The PSO algorithm is based on the heuristic method which guarantees not only the obtaining of MPPT but also the simplicity of control and less expensive of the system. The results are obtained using MATLAB show that the proposed modified PSO algorithm performs better than conventional PSO and is robust to different partial shading models.


Modified P&O algorithm; Modified PSO algorithm; MPPT control; Partial shading; PV array; PV module

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v12.i3.pp1795-1803


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