Performance evaluation of PI controller for positive output Luo converter

Muhammed Abduljaleel Ibrahim


The aim of this work is to design and analyze a Proportional Integral (PI) controller for Positive Output Luo Converter applications. Positive Output Luo Converter is a developed DC-DC converter. It is respected as a right choice for most industrial application where the rate of the output load voltage must be varying between the low and high values of the input value of voltage, output voltage rise and fall is smaller. This converter involve Power electronics switches (Diodes and MOSFET) since these elements are non-linear. The detailed model includes high-frequency switching that is introducing discontinuities into the model. PI controller coefficients (kp, ki) are calculated by particle swarm optimization (PSO) to provide optimal PI as hybrid PI by PSO controller with simple design procedure .Transient and steady state responses requirement of the system are considered in designing the proposed PI controller. The consequences show that the time of performing characteristics of PSO-PI controller established on integral squared error (ISE) performance index has the best time performing characteristics, line disturbance, load disturbance and set point variation.

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