Artificial bee colony algorithm applied to optimal power flow solution incorporating stochastic wind power

Vian H. Ahgajan, Yasir G. Rashid, Firas Mohammed Tuaimah


This paper focuses on the artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm, which is a nonlinear optimization problem. is proposed to find the optimal power flow (OPF). To solve this problem, we will apply the ABC algorithm to a power system incorporating wind power. The proposed approach is applied on a standard IEEE-30 system with wind farms located on different buses and with different penetration levels to show the impact of wind farms on the system in order to obtain the optimal settings of control variables of the OPF problem. Based on technical results obtained, the ABC algorithm is shown to achieve a lower cost and losses than the other methods applied, while incorporating wind power into the system, high performance would be gained.


Artificial bee colony; Optimal power flow; Production cost; Voltage profile; Wind power

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