PID speed control of DC motor using meta-heuristic algorithms

Bishwa Babu Acharya, Sandeep Dhakal, Aayush Bhattarai, Nawraj Bhattarai


This paper presents archimedes optimization algorithm(AOA) and dispersive flies optimization(DFO) to optimally tune gain parameters of PID control scheme in order to regulate DC motor’s speed. These suggested techniques tune the controller by the minimization of the fitness function represented by the integral of time multiplied by absolute error (ITAE). The modelling and simulation are carried out in MATLAB/Simulink. The transient response of unit step input obtained from AOA-PID-ITAE andDFO-PID-ITAE controllers were compared to those obtained from Ziegler-Nichols (ZN) method and particle swarm optimization(PSO). The results indicate that AOA-PID-ITAE and DFO-PID-ITAE are more efficient than ZN method and PSO in reducing rise time and settling time. Likewise, DFOconverge faster to the optimal solution with lower overshoot than AOA and PSO.


Archimedes optimization; Dispersive flies optimization; Meta-heuristic algorithm PID controller; Ziegler Nichols method

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