The MPPT algorithm combined with pitch angle control for the small-scale wind turbine in a wide speed range

Quang-Vi Ngo, Trong-Thang Nguyen


This research proposes the control system structure for a small-scale wind turbine. Significantly, the maximum power point tracking algorithm (MPPT) and the pitch angle controller are deeply analyzed; this is the base for proposing the strategy of the MPPT algorithm combined with pitch-angle control in a wide speed range of wind. This article also researches the converters, then analyses the advantages of each converter to choose the suitable converter for the small-scale wind turbine. In the MPPT algorithm design, the expert experience takes advantage through the fuzzy controller. The pitch angle controller is built based on the PID controller with its parameters adjusted by Fuzzy logic. The results showed that the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy is much better than that of the traditional control strategy. Moreover, in high and low wind speeds, the proposed control system operates reliably and stably.


Fuzzy logic control; MPPT algorithm; PID control; Pitch angle control; Small-scale wind turbine

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